Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Is School For? Part 2

This is a 17 minute video and follow up to a blog post from several months back found here.

Since the church is basically a religious version of the state in our culture. I think that the information in this TED Talk is highly relevant, as well as, information that you will NOT get in today's school or church. I hope that I am wrong.

I am not a home-school only advocate or against public schools. I do not advocate removing all structure, since structure is a part of life. I do advocate removing from--the churches of Christ--the current industrial/institutional structure and underlying hierarchical viewpoints.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

How To Live with Another Person: Everyone's Basic Rights in Any Relationship

A healthy relationship is tough.

Like a worn out paperback cover, those involved can be used, bent, creased and flattened back out, maybe even a chunk taken out.

And while wounds come with relationships, "biting and devouring one another," as the Apostle Paul puts it in Galatians 5:15 and "consuming one another" is relational cannibalism.

I doubt there's any cure for those who desire to be that way.

However, if you are like me, and honestly desire to understand for yourself and do what is good and true, then David Viscott's book may be an enjoyable and relief-filled read for you, too.

I gave 25 cents for my copy about 10 years ago before Laura and I got married, but I recently reread it in hope of finding another "profound and life changing" book. Whether this book is profound for you, you must decide, but I was pleasantly satisfied. At least I am through the first 50 pages.

The excerpt that I would like to share is from chapter two on "Everyone's Basic Rights."

Our present day, highly charged, political culture is certainly not at a loss for opinions on what is a legitimate right and what is not, but I think that what Dr. Viscott explains is agreeable to all. If not, I would like to hear your opinion. Perhaps we can all benefit from an increased understanding. The principles outlined by Dr. Viscott are written primarily for couples, but I think that they are universally applicable to any relationship: friends, family, coworkers, social groups, and especially between God and man.