Tuesday, August 30, 2016

YETI Snakebite 50K Race Report (2016)

(L-R) Liz (photo credit), Allie, Lindsey, Megan
Rick, Cary, David & Ryan
Not Pictured: 2 Cool Guys Named Martin & Spencer
A romance novel best describes my race experience:

'Boy meets race. Boy treats race with indifference. Race finds boy contemptible, boy finds race contemptible--yet they cannot seem to stay away from each other. Boy and race fight the growing attraction. Boy ends up finishing race and hugging race director.'

I now realize the following race description was open to interpretation:
"50KM races designed to help runners achieve a new distance and allow veteran runners to run a speedy time or tune up for upcoming fall events. Both races utilize a variety of relatively easy trails, including weaving single-track and broad open fields, as well as narrow trails along the Chattahoochee River. With moderate hills and trails, the course is designed for fast times and for those looking to try their first trail ultra."

Should've known better when I saw that the cutoff for a 50K was 11 hours. I think the RD went to the Lazarus Lake School of Race Directing; therefore, believe nothing you hear or read. Just show up ready to run and overcome the mental obstacles.

I'm honored to be associated with the group of finishers, winners, and overcomers in the pic above.

First Major Hill on Loop One
This race was not a "new distance" or a "speedy time" for me, but it was a "tune up for my upcoming fall event," The Georgia Jewel 100 Miler.

My Garmin Data: Yeti Snakebite 50/50

They say it's where you end up in life, not how you get there.

Okay, maybe nobody says this. In fact, I believe the opposite, but it applies to my finish of the YSB50K. I came away from this race feeling great, but that's not how I felt the first 11 miles.